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Let’s Encrypt

Today we announced a project that I’ve been working on for a while now – Let’s Encrypt. This is a new Certificate Authority (CA) that is intended to be free, fully automated, and transparent. We want to help make the … Continue reading

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Simple Code Review Checklists

What if, when giving a patch r+ on Mozilla’s bugzilla, you were presented with the following checklist: I have considered: Memory leaks Null checks Security implications Mozilla Code Style You could not actually submit an r+ unless you had checked … Continue reading

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Informal Test: Building Firefox with VMWare vs. VirtualBox

I needed to set up a Linux virtual machine on a Windows host for working with Firefox OS. I don’t like working in slow VMs, so I did an informal test of VMWare vs. VirtualBox. I prefer to use open-source … Continue reading

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Improving DNS Performance in Firefox for Android

Mozilla has been working hard to improve Firefox on Android. The following is a guest post from Steve Workman of Mozilla’s networking team which describes an effort to improve DNS performance. – Josh It started with some crashes on Android … Continue reading

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Firefox 4 for Mac OS X: Under the Hood

Firefox 4 will be an exciting release and we’ve made a number of improvements specific to Mac OS X. Users will benefit primarily in terms of speed, stability, and security. We’ve come a long way since Firefox 3 for Mac … Continue reading

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Building 32-bit Firefox on Mac OS X 10.6

Building 32-bit Firefox for Mac OS X 10.6 is a little trickier than building on 10.5. This post will explain how to do it. Assume everything I don’t mention is the same as on 10.5. First, installing mercurial via MacPorts … Continue reading

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Status Update: Gecko/Firefox for 64-bit Mac OS X

Since Mac OS X 10.6 is coming out tomorrow I thought I’d give an update on 64-bit Gecko for Mac OS X. Progress is tracked on Mozilla bug 468509. We’re very close to having running builds. We still need to … Continue reading

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