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Catherine Ireton and “God Help the Girl”

Some time in 2006 a friend who was spending time in Cork Ireland sent me a partial copy of an album called “In the Moon” by a band called “Elephant.” I fell in love and ordered 3 original copies which … Continue reading

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Sunday in NYC

New York is a fantastic city. I spend a fair amount of time there and today was just such a nice day I feel like writing about it. I woke up this morning at a friend’s place in Spanish Harlem, … Continue reading

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Josh and Kelsey on WPRB Princeton

Kelsey and I have a radio show called “Hey Paisley” on Thursday nights from 8-10 PM Eastern. That’s 5-7 PM Pacific. I forgot to write about this before, the fun has been going on all summer! We play music from … Continue reading

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Beats in NJ

A couple Fridays ago I played in Princeton, NJ, with Raymond Weitekamp. He had some pretty awesome tracks, fantastic really, and for the second half of his set I played along with him adding some lyrics and scratching over his … Continue reading

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A Go! Team Halloween

My roommate Sean and I went with a couple of friends to see Josh Wink at Fluid in Queens Village. We thought that was going to make for an awesome Halloween night, but we had no idea what was in … Continue reading

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A Life Worth Celebrating For Sure

Luciano Pavarotti’s passing away recently caused me to dig up some of his music again, a reaction I’m sure many people had. If you really want to understand what made him so special, find a recording of him singing Nessun … Continue reading

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What a Weekend!

This weekend was really awesome, so awesome I feel the need to write about it. On Friday night I went to see the Philadelphia Orchestra perform Brahms and Sibelius. A Norwegian pianist, Leif Ove Andsnes, played with the orchestra for … Continue reading

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Talib Kweli

I saw Talib Kweli play for free at Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia yesterday. It was really great – no frills presentation, just great music. Unfortunately some idiot local morning DJ had to patronizingly introduced him as a “conscientious and … Continue reading

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Mm Mm Musicals

I’ve been listening to a lot of musicals for the past two months, thanks to John Lilly though he doesn’t know it. One day at the Mozilla offices I accidentally started listening to a musical that he had on his … Continue reading

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Caroline Smith

I met some friends at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis tonight and saw a singer called Caroline Smith. I didn’t know she was playing, I’ve never heard of her before, I just picked the 400 Bar tonight sort of randomly. … Continue reading

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