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NPAPI Plugin Bugs, Accessibility

I want to talk a little bit about Mozilla NPAPI plugin bugs 78414 and 93149. I’m surprised by the fact that more people don’t complain about them given how irritating they are, particularly on Linux and Windows. We have an … Continue reading

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My Experience with OpenSolaris (NV build 82)

I have been using OpenSolaris instead of Ubuntu on my IBM T43 laptop over the past month. I use that machine to debug gtk2 Firefox and to browse and write email while I’m sitting in my living room. Most of … Continue reading

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KernelTrap Is Awesome Again

KernelTrap is a really great website to read if you’re at least passively interested in OS kernels. For a couple years it was rarely updated and appeared to be largely unmaintained, but they are back with frequent, timely updates and … Continue reading

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Installing and using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Herd 5

I installed Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Herd 5 yesterday morning on an IBM T43 laptop. As I understand it, Herd 5 is basically the last alpha before the Feisty Fawn beta freeze. I wouldn’t normally bother messing around with an alpha … Continue reading

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Fedora Core 5 Linux

Fedora Core 5 is out! I just got an IBM T43 ThinkPad yesterday, perfect for checking out FC5. The FC5 installer is significantly better than Fedora Core 4′s. Fewer questions I shouldn’t have to answer, and a better organized and … Continue reading

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SGI Builds World’s Fastest Supercomputer

If you missed it in the news, SGI built the fastest supercomputer in the world for NASA. Named Columbia, this new supercomputer has 10,240 Itanium-2 processors and kicks some serious floating-point arithmetic ass. Officially it performs at 42.7 teraflops (42.7 … Continue reading

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Slowly… getting… better… maybe… hopefully

I haven’t done much Camino hacking lately because all of my time is spent with the Linux kernel now. Also, I don’t like working on Camino on my 667MHz PowerBook because it takes too long to compile things and run … Continue reading

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10240 Processors!

Slashdot posted a story today about a planned NASA cluster of 20 SGI Altix 3000s, each of which has 512 processor. Thats 10240 processors total, running only 20 system images. Pretty amazing stuff. I get to use one of those … Continue reading

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SGI Scales Linux to 1024 CPUs pointed at this article at ComputerWorld today. Go SGI! Fun to see the distro I work on (SGI Advanced Linux Environment, or SALE) in the news.

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