About Josh Aas

Josh AasI grew up in Duluth, MN. I graduated from Macalester College with majors in English Literature and Computer Science. I currently live in Minneapolis, MN.

I worked on Gecko and Firefox as part of Mozilla’s platform engineering group for many years. I currently work for Mozilla as a Senior Technology Strategist. Basically I try to come up with strategies for solving hard problems.

I’ve been the Executive Director of ISRG, the non-profit behind Let’s Encrypt, since 2013. This role is independent of my work at Mozilla, and I’m grateful to them for allowing me to spend so much time on it!

12 Responses to About Josh Aas

  1. Macker says:

    Hello. Of course I support Camino for Macs, and Firefox for other platforms. I read on the Community area that they’re considering calling the next version of Camino 1.5 instead of 1.1. I support that idea, and please pass the word.

    Thanks for all your hard work!


  2. Pete Mokros says:

    Josh, I’ve been meaning to track you down again for ages! I hope you’re well–it looks like you’ve done great things in the last two years since we had a chance to chat. Send me a note–I’d love to have your e-mail address and I’m working on setting up a computer for my Dad and I’m sure he’d enjoy sending you a note too.


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  4. Deggy says:

    Just saw the item on MacWorld about your release, then realised I hadn’t spoken to you in a while. Keep up the good work, drop me a line when you get time.


  5. Mike says:

    Just curious to how you made the silhouette of the woman? I’ve been unable to figure it out in photoshop and on google!

    Thank you,


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  7. Eric Warp says:

    Saw your great-grandfather Roland in Minden last weekend, and got to visit a bit over coffee. He still drives out to the farm every day to feed the cats. I’ve got some pics for you and your mom if you send me your email address.

  8. John Rowe says:

    Hi Josh,

    I didn’t know how else to get in contact with you.

    I’d like to thank you for your effort in porting the Gecko engine to Cocoa. I’m running nightly builds of Camino and they’re simply amazing! Your work is absolutely fantastic! Before now I used to change to Safari from time to time for the text rendering and speed, but no more…

    I think in truth the biggest difference is that finally the text rendering follows Mac OS X rather than freetype but Camino just feels smoother all around. I can handle the little bugs it brings in for how much better it looks and improvements like the resizing performance.

    I truly can’t wait for the initial rendering speed improvements (which I’m sure are coming for Firefox if nothing else) and then there’ll be no regressions from Carbon rendering at all. Very cool.

    I’d like to be able to follow the progress of the Cocoa version of Gecko, is there a Bugzilla query somewhere I can occasionally look at? I am subscribed to your blog, but since (I assume!) you’re hard at work, you don’t post about the Cocoa port all that regularly. If you do know of something please email me at the mail address I supplied to post.

    Also, I’d like to thank you for all your work on Camino. It is the very best browser I’ve used, especially with Cocoa rendering.

    John Rowe

  9. George Armah says:

    I was looking for a way to contact you and am sorry for posting a comment that has nothing to do with what its commenting on.

    My Operating Systems class has been assigned the following project:http://www.cs.lafayette.edu/~xili/classes/cs406-spr-08/labs/lab5/index.html

    We have been assigned only one prior kernel hacking project prior to this so you can imagine
    how thrown off most of us feel about this project. I have spent quite some time
    Googling and reading up on Ingo’s rbtree based CFS scheduler for linux. You probably
    know that understanding concepts and reading kernel code can be quite different

    I stumbled on your articled on the scheduler. Some of the information in it
    is still relevant to the current scheduler but as you can imagine, a lot has changed.
    So to my question: Do you have any resources you would recommend (hopefully similar
    to yours) for helping me (and the rest of my class) understand the kernel code
    for the new CFS scheduler?

    Thanks in advance for your help,


  10. Andrew says:

    I am a graduate student and doing research computer architecure.

    I need to implement some thread scheduling algorithm in linux kernel
    and then use “m5″ full-system simulator to load the linux kernel to run
    the scheduling algorithm.

    “m5″ full-system simulator is a computer architecture simulator.

    Would you please tell me how to implement my algorithm in linux kernel ?

    I have read some papers and books about linux kernel development by Robert
    Love, and Daniele Bovert.

    I have also studied the source codes of Linux 2.6.16 kernel.

    But I still do not know how to implement my algorithm.

    Are there some introduction documents ?



    April 24 2008

  11. TJ says:

    Hello Josh,

    Wanted to ask you about how things are with https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=78414 ?

    Noticed you are it’s owner.

  12. Saleh Kashem says:

    Hi Josh,

    I am writing here because I could not find an email address to write to you. I am a System Engineer at Texas Instruments Inc. working on a project that involves the following stack:

    AnyBrowser->Java Applet->SWT->Browser(Webkit/Mozilla)->NPAPI-flashplkugin->video playback.

    Recently when apple moved to Core Animation from Core graphics this approach broke down for WebKit, But for Mozilla still it is working, I can load flash video and play. But issue here is that the applet needs to be small so it loads faster and to ship the entire XULRunner or ask the user to install is something we want to avoid. I was wondering if there is a library I can use that is small which just loads a Flash Plugin. think of it as a small browser (already written or we can write from scratch) that acts like NPAPI host. I know you have extensive knowledge on this subject and it is very hard to find someone who can help with this particular issue. I would like to have a chat with you on this subject, hope you will have few minutes to spare and call or email me.

    Have a wonderful time.

    Saleh B Kashem
    System Engineer
    Texas Instruments Inc.
    Dallas, TX

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