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My Experience with OpenSolaris (NV build 82)

I have been using OpenSolaris instead of Ubuntu on my IBM T43 laptop over the past month. I use that machine to debug gtk2 Firefox and to browse and write email while I’m sitting in my living room. Most of … Continue reading

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Lessig on Obama, Clinton

This video has been spread around quite a bit already, but I think it is really important that as many people as possible see it. It was made by Lawrence Lessig, a professor at Stanford Law. From Wikipedia, Lessig “is … Continue reading

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OpenSolaris Network Auto-Magic Goals presentation. I really like OpenSolaris, once this is done my trusty T43 is going to get a new primary OS… Godspeed!

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Excuse me, someone left their braces in my food

I ate dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in San Jose’s Santana Row last night and about half way through my friend Alex pulled a long piece of wire out of his mouth. It was a good 4-5 inches … Continue reading

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