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Latest Mac OS X Firefox Nightly Build has Native Form Controls

I turned on native form controls yesterday, in time for today’s nightly build. There is more work to be done on them, but this is a big step. Pull new nightlies as time goes on and you should see the … Continue reading

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Firefox Mac OS X Native Form Controls Preview 2

I landed some more Mac OS X native form controls work on the trunk so I thought I’d post another build. This still has some patches that haven’t landed yet but we’re much closer! Click to download: – Firefox 3.0a5pre … Continue reading

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Caroline Smith

I met some friends at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis tonight and saw a singer called Caroline Smith. I didn’t know she was playing, I’ve never heard of her before, I just picked the 400 Bar tonight sort of randomly. … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Wii, Hello Canoe!

I sold my Nintendo Wii and bought a canoe with my friend Andrew. We live right next to a bunch of lakes including Lake of the Isles, and they are awesome for canoeing. Turns out I don’t really want to … Continue reading

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Firefox Mac OS X Native Form Controls Preview

I’ve been doing a lot of hacking on Mac OS X native form controls for the past couple of weeks and I’m getting close to the point where I can turn them on. I’m close enough that I can make … Continue reading

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Cape Cod

I spent Sunday and part of Monday with my friends Ryan and Ashley on Cape Cod, in a town called Chatham. It was beautiful. Ryan’s parents live there so we stayed at their house. One of my favorite things about … Continue reading

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Partying in Providence

Last Saturday I went to Providence, RI, to visit my friend Ryan who goes to RISD. He and his roommate Alvin threw a great party, though like too many good parties it was broken up by the police in its … Continue reading

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