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Gecko 1.9a4 Released, Mac OS X Improvements

Gecko 1.9a4 has been released and it comes with a significant amount of progress on Mac OS X. I’m not going to list of individual bugs here but this alpha should be much better than 1.9a3 in the areas of … Continue reading

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What can you do

I was biking home tonight with some friends at about 2 AM when we passed a young girl under a bridge in a somewhat deserted area of a rougher part of town. She was crying and had blood all over … Continue reading

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You can now get to this weblog via instead of its longer wordpress URL. I should have registered that a long time ago. Hopefully the Murder City Devils don’t try to take it from me!

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Mozilla Layout and DOM Architecture Videos

I heard that David Baron and Johnny Stenback gave some very informative talks about Gecko’s layout and DOM architecture, but until today I wasn’t able to find the videos. They don’t seem to be posted anywhere that people might easily … Continue reading

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Java/Plugin Cleanup for Mozilla 2.0

After a hugely productive series of exchanges and meetings with engineers from Sun, we are going to be eliminating LiveConnect, OJI, and all of our XPCOM plugin interfaces from Mozilla 2.0. Sun’s Java plugin will be using NPAPI’s NPRuntime support … Continue reading

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Flying Over San Francisco

My friend Suzanne and I went flying with Paul Reed yesterday – it was really awesome. We were in a 3-person Cessna and took off from San Carlos airport south of San Francisco. We flew up the inside of the … Continue reading

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Why I Chose

I’ve been asked by quite a few people in person and in comments why I chose to switch to a weblog setup, moving away from the Mozillazine Moveable Type installation. Almost every person asks – why would you want … Continue reading

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