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Cocoa Widgets are Default on Trunk

As of about 2 minutes ago, Cocoa widgets have been turned on by default on the trunk. There are a few regressions I’m working on fixing now, but all in all it is quite usable. I am not going to … Continue reading

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My Coding Fuel

English breakfast tea + 1 tsp raspberry jam. Mmm.

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David Baron on Firefox 2 Theme Issues

David Baron posted some of his thoughts on the new Firefox 2 theme and the race to get it done in time so as not to miss our targeted Firefox 2 release date. Eloquent as always, David has done a … Continue reading

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Cocoa Firefox Builds Reminder

I already posted about the availability of Cocoa Firefox builds – we got some great bug reports and feedback from testers. I just want to remind everyone that they are still available and getting better every week! We can always … Continue reading

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Camino is Popular Among Caffeinated Users

I am sitting at a coffee shop in Minneapolis right now (Caffetto, near Uptown). I glanced at the screens of the 6 Mac OS X users here, just close enough to identify their web browsers – three are using Camino, … Continue reading

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Lookin’ for America

I took a few days vacation to turn my 3-day labor day vacation into a 6-day vacation. I went on a road trip with my friends Matt and Joel from Minneapolis to San Francisco, and it was amazing. In South … Continue reading

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Switched to T-Mobile

Today I switched to T-Mobile from Sprint. I was a little worried about how complicated it would be to transfer a number, but it was all really easy and they had my T-Mobile phone working with the same number in … Continue reading

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