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Northern Lights

Last night when driving home through central Wisconsin my friend thought he saw the northern lights. We stopped the car and got out to look without headlights and sure enough, it was the northern lights and they were really really … Continue reading

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Cocoa Firefox nightly builds on Mozilla FTP server

You can download nightly builds of Cocoa Firefox now. Many thanks to preed and coop for getting this up and running!

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WWDC 2006

I got back from WWDC 2006 on Saturday afternoon, I’ve been too busy to write anything about it until now. Hilights: – Got a preview build of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. – Firefox and Camino 1.0.2 run just … Continue reading

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Thunderbird: Finally, command-n makes a new message on Mac OS X

The most annoying thing about Thunderbird on Mac OS X is that command-n does not make a new message. Typing command-n for a new message is how it works on every Mac OS X email client I’ve ever used, and … Continue reading

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Awesome Apple [trademark? copyright? whatever] Violation

Today I picked up a single on vinyl for my mixes called “Lyrical Swords.” It features GZA of Wu Tang Clan and has some pretty good beats on it. As soon as I got it off the shelf, I noticed … Continue reading

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