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In California for the Week

Yesterday I flew to California for some Mozilla employee meetings. I’m spending this weekend in Berkeley with my friends Chris and Bianca. I got really sick on the way here (I don’t know why, flying doesn’t make me sick) and … Continue reading

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Fedora Core 5 Linux

Fedora Core 5 is out! I just got an IBM T43 ThinkPad yesterday, perfect for checking out FC5. The FC5 installer is significantly better than Fedora Core 4’s. Fewer questions I shouldn’t have to answer, and a better organized and … Continue reading

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Belle and Sebastian Concert

I went to my second Belle and Sebastian concert tonight! The New Pornographers opened. Both bands were simply amazing. I’ve never even listened to The New Pornographers before, pleasant surprise. I thought the woman who was singing with TNP was … Continue reading

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Minneapolis Music These Days

When I left MN, my favorite local band Morris broke up. That void isn’t quite filled yet, but I have discovered some awesome new local bands that are keeping me running to shows almost every week. My favorites at the … Continue reading

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Benjamin Smedberg gets a baby, I get an N64

Congrats to Benjamin Smedberg and his family on their impending new addition! The newest addition to my own little family is an N64 with two controllers, 7 games, and 2 memory packs that I picked up for $30 on eBay. … Continue reading

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Tennis, Ultimate, Skateboarding

Life is going pretty well in MN these days. Winter isn’t too harsh this year, but its not a wussy winter either, just the way I like it. There are enough days in which it is possible to take pleasant … Continue reading

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