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Blessing From SQLite Source Code

I was looking at some of the source code for SQLite today, and ran across this. Nice break from the usual legalese. ** The author disclaims copyright to this source code. In place of ** a legal notice, here is … Continue reading

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New Intel iMac

I got my new 17-inch Intel iMac today, and it is pretty cool. I’ll just cut to the chase and list things I like about it: 1) It compiles an optimized Firefox in 27 minutes, and that is without even … Continue reading

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My 100th Mozilla Bug Filed

I have now filed 100 Mozilla bugs. That isn’t actually that many for someone who has worked on Mozilla for 4 years, but when I started I barely knew what gcc was (read: I was a very inexperienced software developer). … Continue reading

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Unofficial Intel Mac Firefox Build

It’s here, and everything works (including Flash and Java). Many thanks to Mark Mentovai for working all weekend with me to get this done. He came up with a great last-minute bit of coding to get Java and Flash working. … Continue reading

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3 Album Recommendations

Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately that I really like. I highly recommend all of these albums. Artist: Sage Francis Album: A Healthy Distrust Notes: Sage Francis used to be known primarily for his slam poetry, but he has … Continue reading

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Firefox Will Rock on Mac OS X

Firefox 1.5 was a major milestone on all platforms, but it was not quite what it could have been on Mac OS X. We just didn’t have the resources to test for and fix bugs fast enough when release time … Continue reading

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