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Camino T-Shirts

We’re getting ready to order Camino t-shirts and we want to gauge demand. If you would order a Camino t-shirt, please comment on this post… Try not to say you would and then not actually get one. We’ll order enough … Continue reading

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Macworld Browser Review Response

Macworld recently posted a review of Mac web browsers. Macworld’s verdicts, best to worst: Firefox 1.0.6 – 4.5/5 Safari 2.0 – 4/5 OmniWeb 5.1.1 – 4/5 Opera 8.0.2 – 3.5/5 Camino 0.8.4 – 3/5 My verdicts, best to worst (note … Continue reading

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Drooling Over a Sun Workstation

With their Ultra 20 Workstation, Sun has built exactly what I look for and until now have never found in a new computer. It’s powered by a 64-bit AMD Opteron processor, starts at less than $1000, and is certified to … Continue reading

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Trip to the Beach

I went to the beach with Alex Polvi and my friends Stuart and Laura. Got some good pictures with Stuart’s fancy camera. – getting on the Golden Gate Bridge – Coast – Alex wading – Alex, Josh, Laura – Sand … Continue reading

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I finally got glasses, and indeed it no longer hurts to work on the computer. I don’t really like wearing the glasses though. Its weird to have this wiry plastic thing on my face all the time, and things look … Continue reading

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Help Me Judge The MacMod Challenge

I’m a judge for this year’s MacMod Challenge. You can see the submissions in each category by clicking here. Which one do you think should win and why?

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