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Cocoa Widget Work

I’m working on Cocoa widgets some now, trying to fix them up and get them working in Firefox. Basically, we’ll have Camino-style widgets in Firefox. Using Cocoa widgets doesn’t necessarily mean that widgets (form buttons, etc…) will look like native … Continue reading

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Apple Hardware Impresses Me Again

Yesterday I spilled a lot of water right on top of my PowerBook. Not a shot-glass worth – about half a cup. It pretty much flowed all over the keyboard, while the machine was running, compiling a copy of Firefox. … Continue reading

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Mac Development Wiki

I have started a Mac development section at Mozilla’s wiki site. In the Mac development section I have outlined some of the most important things we need to work on over the medium to long term. For each one … Continue reading

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I haven’t worked much today because I was up until 4 AM debugging Mozilla’s internal screen coordinate system and then all the Mozilla Foundation folks went GoKart racing in Burlingame around the time I showed up at work. Kart racing … Continue reading

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Support for Mac OS X 10.1 Officially Dropped

Support for Mac OS X 10.1.x has been dropped. Current CVS code (including the forthcoming Firefox 1.1) will not run correctly if at all on 10.1.x for any products. See bug 298430 for details. Don’t spam that bug with … Continue reading

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Firefox and Thunderbird Now Using CFRunLoop

I checked in the code for switching all Mac OS X products to CFRunLoop. Tomorrow’s nightly builds will use it. None of the “regressions” pointed out by test users seemed related to CFRunLoop, they were just problems on the trunk … Continue reading

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Camino 0.9a1 is out!

Camino 0.9 Alpha 1 is out! Get it from: Release notes: Yes, this is the one with the spiffy new tabs…

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