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The Golden State

I started working full time at the Mozilla Foundation in Mountain View, CA, two days ago. Things are going pretty well, though I have a little adjusting to do. Code-wise, I’m working on porting some security fixes to embedding code … Continue reading

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Moving on After College

I finished the last paper of my college career half an hour ago, and I’m totally done now. The fact that I’m really graduating and moving on hasn’t hit me until now, and its turning out to be a bit … Continue reading

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ADC Seed Key Annoyance

I have an ADC seed key that gets me access to pre-release software such as Tiger builds and whatnot. Over the past few months I’ve received some nice burned DVDs of Tiger builds, pretty labels and all, in the mail. … Continue reading

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Extension Idea: integrated bittorrent

I think it would be really cool is somebody grabbed some of the open source bittorrent code out there and integrated it with Firefox via an extensions. I’d like to be able to click on a .torrent link and have … Continue reading

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