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Camino, Firefox on Mac OS X, and My MF Employment

I’ve somewhat collected my thoughts since getting hired last week, and I’ve had time to read through emails, comments, and blog posts concerning my employment. Most people have been very supportive, but there seems to be a fair amount of … Continue reading

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Goodbye SGI

As I am now employed by Mozilla Foundation, I resigned from SGI on Saturday (a few months earlier than I had planned to leave). It was a quick transition – I’ve already cleaned out my office there and turned in … Continue reading

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Good News

I’m really happy to announce that as of tonight I am a Mozilla Foundation employee. I don’t have much more to say at the moment, but I’m really excited about this. Mozilla Foundation is making more of a commitment to … Continue reading

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WMCN – Macalester College Radio

Macalester College has a pretty good radio station, WMCN. I helped them put it online a month ago – you can click here to listen. Pretty diverse programming with a lean towards indie rock.

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New PowerBook on the Way!

I just ordered a new PowerBook to replace my aging 15-inch 667MHz/512Mb PowerBook. This is what I got: – 15 inch screen – 1.5GHz G4 – 1GB RAM – 80GB 5400RPM hard drive – ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 w/64MB VRAM … Continue reading

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A Reminder to Ride Your Bike

I’ve had a car for most of the time since I turned 16, which is about 5 years. I am guilty of unecessarily driving it quite often, wasting gas and polluting the air much more than is necessary. Tonight I … Continue reading

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Don’t use recent Camino nightly builds

Don’t use Camino nightly builds from 2005-02-09 to (hopefully) 2005-02-16. Bug 281732 describes a major problem with our popup form control code that basically makes forms unusable. A patch that fixes the problem exists, but it has not been checked … Continue reading

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