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Album of the Year?

While I was on my 5 hour drive back to St. Paul (MN) from Madison (WI) today, I was thinking about music in 2004. I concluded that I think the best album released this year is Talib Kweli’s The Beautiful … Continue reading

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12/24/04 Camino Progress Report

Camino-specific bugs fixed since last progress report on 11/27/04… FIXED #232406 – correct caret behavior during IME input. This patch also apparently fixes bug 264515 FIXED #166694 – decode local file URLs before suggesting them in save panel FIXED #271936 … Continue reading

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Post-Finals Camino Updates

After I finished finals I destressed with some Camino coding. I landed the first part of my prefs reorganization, moving download and tab prefs into their own panes. I also added a download manager autoclose pref. I fixed a few … Continue reading

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Music I’ve Been Listening to Lately

Music is great, definitely one of my favorite things in life, and I feel like taking a break from writing a paper to make some listening suggestions. I’ve been listening to a lot of Death Cab for Cutie. They are … Continue reading

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