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Rilo Kiley Rocks!

I just got back from seeing Rilo Kiley! They are simply amazing and Jenny Lewis is so cute! The show was really well done, though at times it was hard to hear all of the incredible instrument sounds that come … Continue reading

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More Camino Reviews

Giles Turnbull, O’Reilly Developer Weblogs – Ch-Ch-ch-changes – see the bottom half of the article. “… Camino’s rock-solid performance outweighs anything it lacks when compared to Firefox. It doesn’t only Just Work, it also Always Works, and for me that’s … Continue reading

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Mac 360 Switched

Tera Patricks: Why I Dumped Safari And Firefox. My New Browser. I’ve never heard of Mac 360 before, but we’ll take all the coverage we can get! Anybody know of other “reviews,” good or bad? Update: Fixed the name of … Continue reading

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Camino Users are Awesome

I posted an entry saying that we need help writing/editing content for the new Camino project website at 5 AM this morning. Then I went to bed until noon, and when I woke up I had more than 10 enthusiastic … Continue reading

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Camino Needs Writers For New Website

We are putting together a new Camino project site and we need some help writing the content. If anyone out there is familiar with Camino (i.e. uses it on a regular basis) and can write fairly well in English, we … Continue reading

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Responses To Camino Release Plans

Thanks for the comments on Camino’s release plans. Here is what I can say about them… ::The Drawer:: The draw won’t be back any time soon. Our current bookmark UI has problems just like any UI, but the drawer has … Continue reading

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Seitan Hack

Tonight my housemate Adi was ambitious and made some top-notch seitan (sometimes called mock duck) from scratch. While he was making it, I played hacky sack with my friend Léo. I’m such a helpful guy to live with. A visitor … Continue reading

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