Ahh Summer

Summer evenings are great. After work today I went on a nice run at our college’s track with my good friend Adi. During our run we discussed lots of great things like John Ashbery’s poetry and the latest Believer. Then I had cheerios and blueberries in rice milk. Mmmm (its good, I swear). After that I read a good book for an hour (Mark Helprin’s “Memoir From Antproof Case”), cooked some excellent food, cleaned up the house a bit while listening to Ivy’s “Long Distance” album, then read some more.

Hopefully the summer won’t ever end… but since that is unlikely I have to find a way to make freezing cold Minnesota winter nights this pleasant. I’m stocking up on cocoa, blankets and books.

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One Response to Ahh Summer

  1. Ernst Persson says:

    More Cocoa for Camino, great! :-)

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