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Camino Slogan Chosen

We finally decided on a Camino slogan. “Mozilla Power, Mac Style” Thanks to blog reader JARinteractive for suggesting it in the comments on my slogan idea solicitation post. Also thanks to everyone who took the time to think of suggestions. … Continue reading

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LaTeX via LyX is Awesome

I have written about 15 pages of my CS thesis in LaTeX using the LyX editor. Its amazing. I am saving so much time! Thanks a ton for the suggestion. If you’re writing a paper, the more technical the better, … Continue reading

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Camino Slogan

We’re coming up with some web badges and t-shirts for Camino, but we need a slogan to put on them (Firefox’s slogan is “Take Back the Web”). You don’t even want to know what we’ve come up with so far, … Continue reading

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LaTeX and Camino Updates

Thanks for all the great responses about alternative document formats! LaTeX does seem like the way to go. I’m sitting down to learn how to use it right now. Two exciting things on the Camino front. First of all, it … Continue reading

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Alternative Document Formats

I’ve started writing my undergrad capstone paper for my Computer Science major, and I’m having a hard time deciding what format to write it in. I definitely don’t want to do it in MS Word, but the only other documents … Continue reading

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Ahh Summer

Summer evenings are great. After work today I went on a nice run at our college’s track with my good friend Adi. During our run we discussed lots of great things like John Ashbery’s poetry and the latest Believer. Then … Continue reading

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Slowly… getting… better… maybe… hopefully

I haven’t done much Camino hacking lately because all of my time is spent with the Linux kernel now. Also, I don’t like working on Camino on my 667MHz PowerBook because it takes too long to compile things and run … Continue reading

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