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10240 Processors!

Slashdot posted a story today about a planned NASA cluster of 20 SGI Altix 3000s, each of which has 512 processor. Thats 10240 processors total, running only 20 system images. Pretty amazing stuff. I get to use one of those … Continue reading

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SGI Scales Linux to 1024 CPUs pointed at this article at ComputerWorld today. Go SGI! Fun to see the distro I work on (SGI Advanced Linux Environment, or SALE) in the news.

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Better Tooltips, Improved Forum Browsing Experience

I rewrote a bunch of the code we use to display tooltips (e.g. link titles…) within the browser content area (bug #248488)… Continue reading

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Good News About Intimidating Code/Projects

To anyone who has ever thought about writing code for an open-source project but hesitated… Continue reading

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Prefs System Rewrite

After months of saying I was going to do it, I have actually started rewriting Camino’s preferences system. I’m reorganizing the panels and also fixing a bunch of bugs along the way. It was pretty difficult to decide how to … Continue reading

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Hi, my name is Josh

If my mother was reading this blog (is she?) she would tell me to introduce myself. Here goes, as briefly as possible: I’m a student at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. I will be a senior in the fall, … Continue reading

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Shiny New Blog

Welcome to my shiny new blog, hosted by the wonderful folks at Mozillazine. This blog will be largely about Camino development, but occasionally it will “feature” entries about books, music, and Linux. I had a difficult time coming up with … Continue reading

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