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Crash log needed on bug 265845

It would be great if somebody could reproduce bug 265845 with Camino and post a crash log (stack trace, whatever) on the bug. Don’t paste it, please, make it an attachment. None of us developers print labels very often. Too … Continue reading

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PC Laptop

I inherited Asa‘s Fujitsu Lifebook today for cross-platform work. It’ll be helpful to have a box around for testing code on Windows. That, and I’ve heard so many good things about Windows that I’m dying to try it… ;)

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Samuel Sidler

Recently, Samuel Sidler started helping out the Camino project by doing a lot of the work on our new website. He stepped in and took charge of different tasks on his own initiative, which is exactly what we need. It’s … Continue reading

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Another Cool Thing About Camino’s New Website

Camino’s new website has a community section with a weblog devoted to informing people about what is going on with Camino development. Traditionally such information was transmitted through my weblog and Mike Pinkerton’s, but the weblog on the Camino site … Continue reading

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Newsflash: Camino is fast!

Nowadays I use Firefox for most of my regular browsing. I do this for two reasons: 1) because I work on it and 2) it has RSS support, which is a feature I have totally fallen in love with. I … Continue reading

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Camino 0.9 Progress

By making some tough calls (no form autofill in 0.9) and fixing a bunch of bugs, we are down to 35 bugs blocking an 0.9 release. We’ll be down some more by the end of the day. At this point … Continue reading

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Spring Break!

Its spring break time, and though I’m not sure “break” is the right word for it, I’m enjoying myself. I’m finally getting caught up on lots of paperwork, house cleaning, emailing, and cooking. Yesterday I bought the new Bright Eyes … Continue reading

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Most Annoying Bugzilla Behavior

For the love of God, life, goats, or vegan cheeze whiz, whatever… DO NOT PASTE MASSIVE STACK TRACES FROM CRASHES INTO BUGZILLA COMMENTS. See this bug for an example of what not to do. That is so irritating it makes … Continue reading

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Camino 0.9 Release Plans

Mike Pinkerton, Geoff Beier and I met in person to work on Camino all day today. We got a lot of great stuff done, including a release plan for 0.9. We intend to do a beta on April 10th, and … Continue reading

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