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You know you’re a nerd…

when you are constantly trying to give MS Word vi commands. Far too often I have to clean out “:w” and “:wq” sequences. I hate reaching for the mouse and the only thing I use control keys for normally is … Continue reading

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11/27/04 Camino Progress Report

Camino-specific bugs fixed since last progress report on 11/10/04… FIXED 201898 – too easy to accidently drag Toolbar Bookmark folders FIXED 269128 – two bookmarks in default set are missing/changed FIXED 238250 – disable view source while in Bookmarks manager … Continue reading

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Rap Lyrics

Rap often gets a bad rap (pun intended!) on account of its lyrics. For sure, the verbal boldness that the genre has engendered makes for some questionable content, but it also allows for making some great statements that are less … Continue reading

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iTunes Publisher Maintainer

A few years ago I wrote a program called iTunes Publisher, and this year I made it open source (GPL). It was (is?) a pretty popular program (Allume Systems, formerly Aladdin Systems licensed it from me), and I still get … Continue reading

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I saw the Pixies last night – incredible. They are as thoroughly awesome on stage as they are on CD. They’re sort of a funny bunch because the presentation doesn’t match the music much, but not in a bad way. … Continue reading

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11/10/04 Camino Progress Report

Bugs fixed since last progress report on 10/27/04… FIXED 258902 – add support for importing Omniweb 5 bookmarks FIXED 197253 – add midas support to Camino FIXED 171852 – fixed the fact that you cannot drop dragged bookmark between two … Continue reading

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Nov. 9, 2004 – A Great Day

The hype about Firefox 1.0’s release tomorrow is everywhere, and for good reason. This is a BIG DEAL (TM) for the open source movement and the millions of end-users who will find out that the web doesn’t need to be … Continue reading

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Small Camino Web Badge

Posted a small camino web badge for anyone interested. Use the code underneath it to add it to web pages. <a href=””><img border=”0″ alt=”Get Camino!” title=”Get Camino!” src=”×15.gif”></a&gt;

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Day at Mozilla Foundation

I’m at Mozilla Foundation in Mountain View CA today, and I’m getting a lot done. I’ve checked in a bunch of patches since I got here. I’ve fixed a couple other bugs and got them set up for review. Details … Continue reading

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SGI Builds World’s Fastest Supercomputer

If you missed it in the news, SGI built the fastest supercomputer in the world for NASA. Named Columbia, this new supercomputer has 10,240 Itanium-2 processors and kicks some serious floating-point arithmetic ass. Officially it performs at 42.7 teraflops (42.7 … Continue reading

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